Project Description

Providing the region’s drinking water, energy production and fuel for local agriculture, the Catawba River is critical to the Charlotte community. The River is also one of the most “critical” rivers in the country. To make a quick comparison, the Colorado River is 1,480 miles long with 15 dams approximately every 96.7 miles and 33 million people in its watershed or 134 people per square mile. The Catawba River is 220 miles long with 11 dams approximately every 19.7 miles and 1.5 million people in its watershed or 453 people per square mile.

There are a lot of voices out there for the water and energy side of the river, but at Rivendell Farms of the Carolinas (RFC), we see a need to provide a voice to the farmers who depend on the fresh water source of the Catawba. We plan to do this through research, education and stakeholder engagement along our waterways.