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Hurray for Herbs!


April 9, 2012 -- Catawba River District Voices  I love herbs.  Unfortunately, I rarely have time to use them for anything other than throwing a few into some recipes.  Even so, the various shapes, colors

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Animal Fears


April 2, 2012 -- Catawba River District Voices Yesterday, while sitting amidst my strawberry plants, weeding and checking their growth, some of the straw started shaking and out jumped a rather large brown toad.  It

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More Happenings on the Farm


March 26, 2012 -- Catawba River District Voices After living on our farm for a couple of years, I vividly remember asking my husband when we’d be done building and expanding our operation. Chris looked

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Farming in the Community


March 12, 2012 -- Catawba River District Voices Our farm just began its 4th season of offering CSA shares. Although that is a buzz word for many local food proponents, others look at me with

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Ready, Set, Grow!


March 5, 2012 -- Catawba River District Voices It’s been a busy few weeks around our farm as spring is in the air. We’ve been tilling and conditioning our soil and starting to sow some

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Gardening…A Lost Art?


April 30, 2012 -- Catawba River District Voices “Who has a vegetable garden at home?” One hand raised up out of the 60 students gathered around me at a local middle school. “Raise your hand

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Green Acres, Huntersville Style


February 20, 2012 -- Catawba River District Voices Continuing on from the last blog entry (see 2/13/12 blog), our family began its farming adventure at Whitener's Greenhouses of Huntersville in 1998.  Dan and Linda Whitener graciously

Green Acres, Huntersville Style2018-06-06T21:08:52+00:00

Planting Summer Vegetables


April 16, 2012 -- Catawba River District Voices April 15 means more than tax day to gardeners here in the Piedmont of North Carolina.  The more positive meaning to that date is:  planting time in

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